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This plugin adds guns to the server. Theres different kinds of guns and you can buy them from the black market in-game




Bullets are cheaper and you can make a lot. all you need is some iron and gunpowder in a crafting table. this will yeild 3 bullets.

Shotgun shells are made from Cobblestone, gunpowder, and a gold ingot in any format.

Rockets are a bit more expencive, and rightfully so! They do tonnes more damage than bullets. you need 6 Iron and 3 Gun powder in a pattern like so

  • R R R
  • G G G
  • R R R

where R = Iron and G = Gun Powder.

Crafting a bullet [This is shapeless, any ironbar and gunpower in any shape will create a bullet.]
Crafting this can be in any shape. a gold ingot, gunpowder, and cobblestone.
Crafting a rocket needs to be done exactly as so.


Made by crafting sand with gunpowder just like TNT
Grenade + Minecart = Toaster
Grenade + Redstone = Trinket
Iron Pressure Plate + Grenade = C4
5 Grenades = Cluster Bomb
  • Grenade - Made by crafting sand with gunpowder just like TNT
  • Toaster - Grenade + Minecart = Toaster
  • Trinket - Grenade + Redstone = Trinket
  • C4 - Iron Pressure Plate + Grenade = C4
  • Cocopops - 5 Grenades in an X = Cluster Bomb



  • Python: Revolver w/ tactical knife
  • Frag Grenade: Explosive
  • Riot Shield: Protection device
  • Olympia: Double-barreled shotgun
  • Hunting Rifle: Bolt-action rifle
  • Type 95: Assault rifle
  • AK-47: Assault rifle
  • Flashbang: Tactical grenade
  • Toaster: Incendiary landmine
  • Harrier Strike: Precision airstrike
  • C4: Remote-detonated explosive
  • Trinket: Booby trap
  • CocoPops: Cluster bomb
  • Bazooka: Rocket launcher
  • Desert Eagle: Dual pistols
  • Carbine: Assault rifle w/ grenade launcher
  • Gauss Shotgun: Advanced pump-action shotgun
  • Putty: Remote-detonated explosive
  • MP5 - fully auto rifle
  • Mossberg 500 - pump-action shotgun
  • Glock - standard hand gun
  • Minigun - Large gun. long reload time. lots of bullets required.
  • M4 - Standard Rifle
  • Remmington 887 - shotgun
  • P90 - fully automatic rifle
  • AWP - Sniper rifle
  • MP9 - automatic. nice for personal defence
  • Magnum Revolver - large hangun
  • Ballistic Sheild - most efficient riot shield


  • M320 - grenade launcher [requires rockets]
  • Tactical Knife - Melee attachment