Space Engineers

Server info: 

Our server is based on Zombie Survival. We love the creativity of building but we know how awkward it gets when thats the only point to a game, so we hiked up the difficulty and modded in zombie astronauts to make a Zombie Survival themed server! Come join us in surviving the Space-Zombie Apocalypse with futuristic space gear and all kinds of other stuff! Our admin spawn in random small ships and bases for you to find, loot, or claim so its easier for people to get started! :D If you have any questions just ask Miss Moth or Oatcake in Discord and we'll help you out! If you have a blueprint or something fancy you can't live without, we can help by making it into a quest for you to gather what you need to complete and achieve what you wanted. It's space engineers and its fun!

Note: If you DO NOT want PvP, put [Peaceful] in your faction name to let everyone else know!