Chest Sorting: 



/uc menu main - Opens the menu to the cosmetics screen



/market - Opens the market so you can sell stuff!

/market add [amount] - sells whatever you're holding in your hand in the market for a set amount.



/stables - the main horse command. lets you see all the other commands to help you rename, put аway, and summon your horse!

/stables summon [horse name] - teleports your horse to you!

Remember you need a saddle to tame it and a nametag to claim it!



/discord - will show you the discord link to join our server!

/vote - will show you links to be able to vote for our server, you can get more people joining by doing this, more people.. more friends!

/chatcolor - change the color of your text!

/afk - sets you to AFK mode so people know you're away for a moment [turns your name grey when you hold tab down] and tells people you're back when you move around.

/list - lets you see people on the server. also just press tab.

/website - shows this website. useful for getting to it to see this page if you forget it. only command you have to memorize tbh.



/sethome - lets you set where your home is

/home - makes you go home.

/spawn - makes you go to spawn.



/party - lets you invite people to your party and stuff. leveling up your party lets you share XP and items and teleport to eachother!

/ptp [name] - once you have a party able to teleport to eachother, this is the command to do it. you need to be in a party with the other person to do it.

/pc - party chat! Chat with the members of your party only instead of with everyone on the server.



/lootbox open - to open a lootbox, you need to have the chest and key you want to open and use in your hotbar, slots one and two and then issue this command! Note: Common lootboxes don't need keys, so to open them, leave the second space in your hotbar empty!


Envoy Item parties:

/envoy - lets you know when the next one is. one happens ever 2 hours OR unless someone uses a flare, which is a rare object that basically starts an envoy. Flares are found in lootboxes.



/money - lets you check your balence.

/money pay [name] [amount] - lets you pay someone an amount of money.



/ce - will open the enchantment menu.



/aach - show you the menu of stuff you can do with achievements.

/aach book - get your achievements book.



Build a chair by putting two signs on the side of a a stairs block. you can sit in it by right clicking with an empty hand!



/inspect [name] - view another players levels

/mcrank - show rankings!

/mcstats - stats for MCMMO!


Player Markets:

/shop - will show you the commands to create and remove shops and all of that! Be sure to use the player markets teleporter to go to Market.. thats the player market and you can as an admin for your very own shop there!



Ask an admin to build one for you! you can have as many as you want and we're always happy to make one! [the nether portal teleporters, otherwise theres other plugins like runecraft you can make your own]



Claim property with putting down a chest or using a golden shovel.

Check owned claims by  right clicking the ground with a stick!

/trust [name] - adds a person to be able to build and do stuff on your property!

/containertrust [name] - doesn't let people build, but they can open doors and chests!

/accesstrust [name] - this is the lowest level of trust. buttons and doors only. no chests. no building.

to make sure everyone is able to do something, replace "[name]" with "public"



/company help - display commands

/company info - display your company and employee info

/company start <name> - start a new company

Visit for more on companies plugin


Island World [Sky Islands]:

/island - shows info about plugin

/island create - create new island for player

/island create [schematic] - create new island for player using given schematic file

/island delete - delete whole isle and loose ownership

/island info - shows informations about our island

/island spawn - teleport to spawn

/island home - teleport to your island

/island sethome - change home point for teleport

Visit for more on the Island World plugin



/town new [name] - create a new town

/towny help - shows help


Towny Mail:

/tmail - check out how sending mail to towny residents works with essentials mail system. 

/tmail help - check out how mayors and kings can send mail via essentials to residents of nations/towns.